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Thinking about pawn shops around Chicago?

Oakton Coins & Collectibles buys all forms of gold and silver from Chicago & skokie pawn Illinois. We are not a pawn shop. We do not have a pawning license.


Oakton Coins & Collectibles has no interest in the pawn business, But like pawn shops we buy, gold silver, diamonds, and collectibles (especially wwII stuff). Service areas include: Lincoln Park, DePaul,  Bucktown,  Wrigleyville, north park, Rogers Park, Edison Park, Edgewater, Lincoln Square, Jefferson Park, Portage Park, Andersonville, Albany Park, Lakeview, and Sauganash. Don’t go into debt for you items, life is short – get the most money you can, and let it go.

We are not a pawn shop, so no loans. No electronics, car radios, furniture, or catalytic converters (that’s junk yard stuff).

• We buy Scrap Silver at our Chicago – skokie pawn location.
• Sterling Silver Tea Sets Pawn
• Sterling Silver Flatware Sets
• Sterling Silver Heart Dish
• Scrap Sterling Silver Tea Sets
• Scrap silver Chicago Pawn
• Sterling Silver Class Rings Pawn
• Scrap silver Chicago Pawn Stars
• Scrap Sterling Silver Earrings Pawn
• Scrap Sterling Silver Silverware
• We buy Scrap Sterling Silver Dishes in our Chicago – skokie pawn location
• We buy Scrap Sterling Silver Flatware at our Chicago – skokie pawn store
• Scrap Sterling Silver Flatware
• Sterling Sterling Silver Flatware
• Scrap Sterling Silver Pawn
• Scrap Sterling Silver Earrings
• Scrap Sterling Silver Silverware
• Sterling Silver Wall Set
• Tiffany Hampton Flatware Set Chicago

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For thousands of years, silver has maintained a positive market demand as an investment, currency and store of value. Silver’s market demand is still dominated by bullion coins, industrial products and jewelry. This precious metal also features in the stocks exchange as a traded product.

Silver price in the stock market is mostly based on speculation. Supply and demand are the main causes of silver price changes and thus when compared to gold, silver is rather volatile.

So, Is Silver A Good Investment?

Silver lists among the most traded precious metals. This commodity is a store of value, a way to counter inflation hedge and an added advantage towards protecting against other financial and economic crises.

Silver has an edge as an investment tool. The following are some of the contributing factors that enable silver as an investment to stand out.

  • The element property of silver adds value by giving it more industrial applications
  • It’s been in existence for thousands of years as a currency and medium of exchange
  • The supply and demand categories for silver contribute to its unique characteristics

There is a higher industrial demand for silver when compared to its biggest competitor, gold. Increased demand may categorize silver a risky investment due to possible economic slowdowns.

However, experts have indicated that industrial applications are increasing at a very high rate. This means that the susceptibility of a sluggish market will not cause negative effects on the commodity.

As a product that has been available over a period of more than 4 millennia, investment demand is still sky rocketing. New uses for silver are identified almost every day.

But this is not the case with supply; production companies are therefore facing serious challenges as they try to satisfy growing market volumes.

How to Invest in Silver

The rise of exchange traded fund (ETF) has played a key role towards investors who want to start trading precious metals. It is now possible to own physical silver bullions, futures contracts among other techniques.

Is silver a good investment? This is a question that has culminated to a heated debate. A common retail investor can now own silver funds through iShares Silver Trust, a stock traded as SLV on NYSE.

Expert reviews have indicated the volatility nature exhibited by silver makes ETF’s better than physical bullions.

Another dictating factor for traders investing on silver is cost. Bullions may incur extra charges, mostly between 10-20 (%) commissions on silver coins. The same percentage may also apply on bullions. This percentage has not reflected on safety deposit boxes where a monthly charge is applicable to help secure and insure the safety of your bullions or coins.

How much is Silver Worth?

In most cases, young investors on silver will be disinterested in owning physical coins and bullions. Precious metals are chosen for insurance purposes. ETFs as an option to invest on these metals may seem a lot easier and securer.

Therefore the best silver to buy largely depends on underlying objectives of the investor, to either trade or make quick money or for long term reasons.

Best Silver to Buy

If you anticipate that the financial markets could come crashing down any time soon, the best silver to buy would be the physical form, bullions and coins. However, if your objective is to make some quick cash by calculating the daily spread changes, and anticipating the next trade, then perhaps investing on ETF’s would be the best way to go.

Experts have noted that SLV and SIVR are recommended ETFs for investors who prefer to match independent prices for silver without necessarily owning bullions or coins. DBS on the other hand is suitable for investors who long to access futures movements on silver prices. Silver is a store of value when traded as jewelry.

Why Invest in Silver

Investing in silver coins and bullions is a favorable way to hedge against inflation and other financial market changes.

For example, investors would rather look at silver and other alternatives if the stock market has not been performing well. This is however the opposite if the stock market had been showcasing exemplary performances.

Bottom Line

Investors entering the silver market for the first time may find themselves divided especially on the preferred category to choose. Silver can be invested in its physical nature or as an exchange traded fund (ETF).

Either of the categories is an acceptable option and the end results are dictated by the investor’s interests either to make fast cash or hold an insurance against stock market changes.


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Coin Shop Chicago – Sell Gold & Coins

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If you would like to sell with the finest purchasers in the vicinity, then you it is necessary that you utilize our purchasers. We provide you a purchasing experience that you can depend on. Our personnel will assist you throughout the procedure of trading your silver to us and make certain that you are mindful of the steps in the procedure. If you want to trade your silver to buyers ready to offer daily updated payouts and the highest cash offer, carry your silver items into our store today.

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There’s no easy way to trade your silver items. But with us, you can always see a way to sell them hassle free. We utilize regularly up-to-date payouts, along with a 110% cash for silver guarantee to make sure you get the most cash feasible for your unnecessary silver jewelry, silverware, chinaware and coins. Take your silver items to us now and we’ll appraise them instantly.

Chicago Cash For Platinum
There is always a predicament where you’ll find it difficult to sell your platinum items at a reasonable price. Nevertheless, you can always run into the finest options on hand specifically on Sell gold near Chicago, Illinois. There’s no pressure to sell, but if you’re all ready, we will love to buy your unwanted items. Pay us a visit and get the large cash payout of your items.

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Since we are packed with professional buyers, we assure you nothing but the best cash in return for your items. We can give you cash on hand for your old engagement ring or any item of platinum jewelry. You do not need to worry about the price of your platinum since our buyers are all updated about the current value of platinum jewelries and employ a 110% cash guarantee. Go to our closest location today for your free evaluation.

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Platinum is one of the most precious metals on earth and if you need cash, you can sell platinum for a large cash payout. Here in Sell gold Chicago, IL, we can give you the highest assessment ever compared to some other competitors that we have in the area. We also sure to help you in the whole gold selling method. We don’t request to have your gold sold immediately even so if you intend to bring home with money with you then you’re in the perfect track with us.

Cash For Jewelry Chicago
Throughout crisis and you’re financially challenged, your easy way out will be reselling your jewelries. With that, gold, silver, platinum and with diamond-made jewelry can be traded to our buyers. They will provide you cash for jewelry whatever the conditions it has. It could be busted, damaged, old, mismatched or in perfect condition and we’ll still offer you money on the spot. Come into our Chicago Illinois location now for your free evaluation.

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At OC&C near Chicago, Illinois, we give purchasers all set to assist you trade all types of jewelry. We don’t care if your pieces are broken, damaged, mismatched or outdated. Our team will still provide you the most cash possible for your unnecessary jewelry. Come by our closest place now and have an evaluation without charge.

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Regardless of whether you need to sell jewelry made of platinum or jewelry made from gold, we can help you receive the money you want in Chicago IL. Our group of buyers understands you need the most cash feasible and we always offer more than our competitors do. We have cash for jewelry assurance that is 110% that will allow you to to sell to us with guarantee. Collect all your items up and bring them to us, along with any previous offers right now.

Chicago Cash For Diamonds
It is also recommended to settle on the best buyer that can give you right price for your diamonds. Well, you can always run into the professional services of our dependable diamond specialists. With their assistance, obtaining the cash you want for your diamond is possible. We’d be more than willing to help you get rid of those one-half carat diamond of yours given that we have the largest cash payout.

Chicago Diamond Buyer
Many of the diamonds are undervalued by most diamond purchasers in the market. But your diamond will definitely get a bigger cash pay if you’ll choose purchasers who are credentialed in assessing diamonds. Regardless of what size of diamonds, be it one-half carat or later, we’ll take it. Give us a call right now and speak with one of our professionals before you bring in your diamonds for a cost-free evaluation.

Sell Diamonds Chicago
Diamonds are precious and is regarded as girl’s best friend even so once it is broken it may lost its worth then. If you have diamond jewelry you don’t like, our certified diamond professionals will help you acquire a huge payout for your diamonds. Contact us for an appointment with one of our professionals now.

Cash For Coins Chicago
We accept more than just jewelry at sell gold near Chicago, Illinois. Coins made of silver and gold can also be sold to us. Some coins are made from .999 pure gold or silver so they are worth more than their face value. We like purchasing coins and giving the greatest amount of cash for coins in the market. If you have coins you’re ready to sell, take them in today for a cost-free cash offer.

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We provide a coins assurance of 110% cash offering our clients with the highest worth for their items. We will give money the second you sell your coins regardless if it is made out of 90% silver or pure gold coins. We beat all other offers and up-date our payouts everyday to ensure you have the most cash feasible for your unneeded coins. Have our free cash offer. Check us out now!

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We provide you buyers that would help you through the whole steps to trade coins. Assessing each and every coin wont take considerable time and we will enlighten you in all the parts of the procedure so that you’ll know just what has been happening. When you’re prepared to sell coins, you can trust the experts we present. They utilize a 110% cash for coins assurance and will beat all other deals. Give us a visit today for a no cost payment offer. Sell coins in Chicago Illinois, today.

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